Where we place ads

Audience measurement data allows companies to direct their marketing communications to certain segments of the population and reduce exposure to others. In line with international good practice, the Responsible Marketing Pact stipulates that, in traditional media, alcohol ads can only be placed in media where a minimum of 70% of the audience are adults.

Today, ad spend is increasingly shifting to digital media. These new channels allow advertisers to be more precise in their audience targeting. In 2020 Nielsen reviewed almost 250,000 online ads in six European countries and found that 0.08% of online ads are for alcohol [1]. Nielsen estimates that a minor would need to visit an average site 1,873 times before they might see an alcohol ad.

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[1] Nielsen reviewed ads on websites and YouTube channels in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain.


For more information on the Responsible Marketing Pact, please contact Giuditta Hanau Santini at rmp@wfanet.org