Digital controls

We have developed a checklist of five key elements designed to help ensure minors’ social media experience is free from alcohol ads.
The five elements are:

1. Age-gating

…stopping those under the legal drinking age from accessing alcohol-related sites or profiles;

2. Forwarding advice notice

…reminding users not to share alcohol ads with anyone under the legal drinking age;

3. User generated content policy

…reminding users not to post anything which condones irresponsible or excessive drinking;

4. Transparency

…a requirement for advertisers to have an official badge on alcohol brand social media profiles so users know these are advertiser-owned pages (and therefore commercial) and not user generated content; and

5. Responsible drinking message

…a requirement for advertisers to include a message such as “Don’t drink and drive” in all marketing communications, in line with industry best practice.




For more information on the Responsible Marketing Pact, please contact Julia Quintella at