Why the RMP?

  • Why the RMP?

    The RMP Manifesto

    As the industry leaders in the beer, spirits and wine sectors, we are proud of our brands and of the trust consumers give us all around the world. We also know that abuse or misuse of alcohol can lead to individual and societal issues such as excessive drinking, drinking and driving, or drinking by minors. We work in partnership with governments, health professionals, educators, law enforcement authorities and retailers to tackle these issues.

    In particular, we believe it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a way that does not target minors and minimises their exposure to our brands’ advertising. The Responsible Marketing Pact (RMP) is the most comprehensive cross-sectoral effort by leading alcohol producers across the EU to deliver on this ambition. We do this by applying strict rules on the placement of our advertising, in particular online, as well as on the content of the ads in order to ensure our marketing never primarily appeals to those too young to drink.

    Why do we do all this? We owe it to our consumers who for the vast majority enjoy our products responsibly. We owe it to all parents across this continent who strive to give the best to their children, as well as to everyone who works to enhance people’s health and well-being. We owe it to our 450,000 employees who are proud to be reproducing thousand year-old know-how.
    Please use this platform to comment, make recommendations, and share your views and experience. From all these we can draw our lessons and improve.